12 Dec. Home Bayern Munich

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12 Dec. Home Bayern Munich.

If they can win against Galatasaray and Bayern is kind enough to defeat Copenhagen.

Manchester United still have to hope that Bayern will be kind to them. middle of next month

Let Thomas Tuchel be kind enough to adjust the reserve team to full capacity, including Erik Maksim-Cupo Moting, Matis Tall, Boona Sarr, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Frans Kratzig or any youth with an unfamiliar name.

Because at that point, Manchester United still wants a victory over Bayern. And if Tuchel’s psycho goes full 11, the big team comes to visit. It would be difficult to hope for victory.

If Bayern comes with a relaxed approach, not serious kicking, and Manchester United wins, they will immediately follow the Tigers into the next round. No need to wait for another result (Copenhagen v Galatasaray)

Happens if you lose and the other pair draws as well. The Red Devils still managed to celebrate (ManU 6, Copenhagen 5, Gala 5).

But if it always comes out And another pair has a win-loss result: Manchester United and the winner of the Copen-Gala pair will have the same 7 points.

UEFA sets criteria for measuring results, including

  • 1) Results of direct meetings (Head to Head)
    2) Goal difference from head to head
    3) Goals scored from head to head
    4) Goal difference including groups
    5) Goals scored Yes, including groups
    6) Away Goals including groups
    7) Total number of matches won
    8) Total number of away games won
    9) Behavior score
    10) Coefficient

In fact, UEFA has set criteria just in case. But when we really have to measure it, it’s just “head to head”, the very first point. Often the desired answer appears.

However, Before talking about the rules below. Before hoping for Bayern to come as a joke

First and foremost, Manchester United must win against Galatasaray to get only one place.

If there aren’t 3 full points in the next game, it’s considered “end of news” and “end of hey” at the same time! Report from ยูฟ่าเบท