4 matches, 3 points: Does Manchester United still have the right to qualify

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4 matches, 3 points: Does Manchester United still have the right to qualify for the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League?

• Both led 2-0 and 3-2, but in the end Manchester United did not lose 3-4
• It is equal to 4 matches in the UEFA Champions League. Erik ten Hag’s team has already lost 3
• Plum Cheeks so puffy like this And will there still be a chance to advance to the knockout round?

Game 4 of the UEFA Champions League 2023/24 has been completed. There are teams guaranteed to advance to the knockout round. And at the same time, there are teams that are “marginal” in serious condition. If they don’t fall, it’s like falling. Manchester United is the latter type. When 4 matches have passed by being the bottom of the group, in this event there will still chance to advance to the next round. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

4 matches, 3 points, plump cheeks

Another big mistake for Manchester United when they led 2-0 and 3-2, but in the end they couldn’t hold back, losing 3-4 to Copenhagen by losing 2 goals in first half stoppage time. (13 minutes) and lost another 2 goals in the last 6-7 minutes (not including injury time)

That is why, after four matches, Erik ten Hag ‘s team finds themselves bottom of Group A and is considered “completely hopeless” with any future in the UEFA Champions League.

1. Bayern4-0-012
2. Copenhagen1-1-24
3. Galatasaray1-1-24
4. Manchester United1-0-33

Until now, sometimes it that “the sky” is not very favorable for Manchester United to continue in this cup.

Starting with the first game The loss of the 4th goal in injury time 90+2 (Matis Teal) cause the score. That had just been narrowed to 3-2. Haha (Casemiro 88) was immediately stretched out to 4-2 and Even though Casemiro scored his second goal, 90+5 was still not enough to get Bayern Munich back on points.

Later, a loose kick played off Andre Onana ‘s goal and a bruised backline made Rasmus Hojlund ‘s two goals meaningless, losing 2-3 to Galatasaray at home.

Skipping the third match (in which Onana & Harry Maguire were the heroes)

to last night’s game, it is clear that the ” major turning point” occurred at the end of the first half, 42 minutes after Hoylund accepted. After setting the score at 2-0 , Marcus Rashford was shown a red card for stomping on Elias Yelert.

It may not be that this moment can be seen as Referees and VAR teams make the mistake fooled by “still images” rather than seeing the full picture of what is happening in a split second.

But remaining 10 people should not be an excuse for them conceding 2 goals before the end of the first half (45 minutes and 45+9 penalties) until instead of leading 2-0, they ended up in the second half with the same score. 2-2

As well, after Bruno Fernandes scored a penalty to lead 3-2 in the middle of the second half in the 69th minute, Manchester United should do everything possible. However, let the game close completely, not by winning 3-3 at 83 and losing 3-4 at 87.

Aside from blaming the heavens and cursing fate, Manchester United should go back and shake their head for their “not neatness”.

The imperfection of closing the game. This is reflecte in the fact. That they conceded as many as 11 goals in 4 matches.

And having to say goodbye to the Champions League early

If the next match doesn’t win