Manchester United v Galatasaray AS: Group A – UEFA Champions League 2023/24

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Manchester United v Galatasaray AS: Group A – UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Michael Regan/GettyImages.

29 Nov. Visit Galatasaray.

Take a break and breathe for a bit. This weekend, Old Trafford opens, playing Luton Town, then there will be the international break for the month of November. After the break, Manchester United will travel to Everton. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Then in the middle of the week, 29 Nov., will visit Galatasaray.

There is no other choice for Ten Hag and the Red Devils but to “win” in Turkey. Plus, there’s a double chance that Bayern still hasn’t thrown away the game with Copenhagen even though they’ve made it to the next round.

But this is Galatasaray when playing at home to Rams Park (formerly Ali Sami Yen) this season.

  • Won against Zalgiris 1-0 (qualified in the Champions League)
    won against Olimpiya 1-0 (qualified in the Champions League)
    won against Trabzonspor 2-0
    won against Molde 2-1 (qualified in the Champions League) Champions League)
    won Samsunspor 4-2,
    tied Copenhagen 2-2 (Champion League)
    won Ankaragucu 2-1
    , won Besiktas 2-1,
    lost to Bayeux. Munich 1-3 (Champions League)
    won Kasimpasa 2-1.

In 10 home games this season, Galatasaray, under the team of Okan Buruc (Turkish national team, 2002 World Cup), won 8, drew 1, lost 1.

Even if you narrow it down to the Champions League group stage, you will find that Gala can only draw with Copenhagen and lose to Bayern Munich at home in the past 2 home games, but Gala itself is at the point where “Need points” as well, so they will definitely put it to good use when they meet Manchester United at the end of this month.

However, Manchester United had no other choice. 

In addition to having to invade and win with any score. For a chance to win the remaining rounds–even at the light of the match.

And as said as well One is to win the Gala and the second is to let Bayern take down Copenhagen at the same time.

If this picture comes out, Manchester United will have 6 points, while Copenhagen and Galatasaray will have the same 4 points. and have to decide their fate in the final match