Depression in the elderly Things that children and grandchildren

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Depression in the elderly Things that children and grandchildren should pay special attention to

Sad mood Or depression in the elderly (Late-life depression) is depression in elderly people age 60 years and over. It is divid into 2 types: depression that comes. Before old age and that occurs in old age. already The majority found are more women than men. Especially those who divorce. Living alone or losing a loved one? There will greater risk of the condition.

The symptoms of sadness range from being slightly sad. It has gotten so severe. That it has accompanied by psychiatric symptoms. But the group that is most worrisome is the group that has depression but shows no symptoms. If it is neglecte to the point of becoming life-threatening.

Therefore, family members must keep eye on symptoms. Know the causes and understand a lot about this disease. So that the people we love can get through this disease.

Causes of depression

1. Physical aspect
: Elderly people who are sick with depression. It is cause by abnormal functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain. Makes the mood abnormal and unbalanced This makes it easy to become depressed. or illness Although it does not directly affect the brain But it can also cause pain, stress, and worry, such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and cancer.
2. Psychological aspect:
When children and grandchildren have to go to work. Leave the elderly home alone to the point of making the elderly lonely I feel like I’m useless. or the loss of a loved one I often can’t accept it. Feeling like you don’t want to do anything I don’t want to meet anyone. It is consider a dangerous sign of falling into depression. For some elderly people whose family members do not care about them, do not have social circles or friends to talk to. As a result, you can suffer from depression.

Warning symptoms of depression

1. Changes in mood, such as being in a good mood, becoming easily irritated, complaining, having no reason, or losing interest in things you used to like.
2. Feeling yourself worthless. Bored with life, talking less, losing appetite, refusing to take medicine, losing weight .
3. Having problems with sleeping, such as not being able to sleep, falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night
4. Poor memory, shortened attention span.
5. Feeling like you don’t want to have sex. live life I want to hurt myself. Or there is the saying, “If you don’t want to live, it’s better if you die.” There is no energy. You do things slowly, Are tired without any reason.